Katrina Wreede

Music to Celebrate, Express and Explore

Katie-classical, by Nick Lostracco

“Music is the amplifier for our strongest emotions, our dreams, hopes, joys, and fears. It has a unique place in maintaining the continuity and expressing the transformation of human culture. It is our privilege and responsibility to explore and pass on our own voices.”

-Katrina Wreede

Instep Quartet

Music for Special Events Katrina Wreede Musical Groups

Katrina Wreede has been providing chamber ensemble music for special events for over 25 years, specializing in a diverse and eclectic repertoire that allows brides and event planners to express their personal style through music. Her groups have performed in venues ranging from the St. Francis Hotel, Grace Cathedral, Brazil Room, Palace of the Legion of Honor, and Fairmont Hotel to backyards and parks. Ensembles range from traditional string quartet to trio or duo with strings and flute, guitar, harp, piano, or accordion, and even romantic solo violin for intimate gatherings.

Add Viola and Stir

New CD!! Add Viola and Stir

“Guaranteed to intrigue, amuse, relax, challenge, annoy, enthrall, entice, and entertain. Wreede’s California Eclectic style includes original jazz, classical, and sound collage explorations for viola alone or paired with piano, bass, and harp. Influences include artists like Bill Evans, Dave Brubeck, Lou Harrison, Debussy, and Bach. The CD starts out with a martini-and-melancholy jazz blues, followed by a joyous jazz waltz written for the Sierra Jazz Society’s summer jazz camp. There is a Latin-flavored setting of a melody inspired by Impressionist composer d’Indy, with a piano cadenza to make Chopin drool, plus several short viola collage works that also appear of various Vox Novus 60×60 CDs, a solo Romp groove with a head nod to the unaccompanied Bach cello suites, and music for meditation and inspiration.” Junior Jazz Composers

Music for Learning and Schools

Katrina Wreede, author of Violaerobics: A Technical Workout for Violists started teaching music in the eighth grade and hasn’t stopped since. She brings her enthusiasm and experience to every learning situation, maintaining a private studio for youth and adult students, conducting clinics for students and teachers and providing residencies for schools, including Composing Together, which brings the hands-on creative composition process into the classroom.

Katie Portrait in Sepia Tones

Music for the Concert Stage and Beyond

As well as her work as a respected concert violist, Katrina Wreede has written many compositions that have been performed internationally by soloists, chamber groups, and orchestras. She has also written music for dance and silent film. Many of her works are available in sheet music form from sheetmusicplus.com, Latham Music, or directly through this web site. She is also available as a soloist or with colleagues to perform her own and other composers’ works, in conjunction with teaching residencies or as separate projects.